Fresh flowers make an evening come alive! The aesthetic they provide defines the mood of the celebration. We’ve done events of every style and complexity, from understated elegance to the exuberance of fantasy.  All challenges are welcome!  We take pride in both the finished arrangement, and the efficiency of execution.  We understand the complexities of working with others and in getting in and out of the location on time.  Here are some examples of our work.

Step 1: Inspiration

Gather your ideas, images, and inspirations or come to my shop and we can visualize together. 

Step 2: Interpretation

Allow me time to understand your intent and contribute my aesthetic and experience in executing such an event. I will draft  an initial proposal, rough budget, and schedule. 

Step 3: CommunicationStep 

I like to meet with a client in person to review the proposal.  Together we can incorporate any new ideas and make sure that if compromises must be made, the end result will still be true to your inspiration and desires. 

Step 4: Final proposal

The final proposal should reflect every aspect the plan we have forged together.  With it you can rest assured that the flowers,  the tone and mood of the arrangements, as well as the logistical plan will all be in place at the specified time. With the planning complete, we now have everything in place to fully realize your floristic ambitions.