Wedding I Styling

Flowers often accompany life’s important rituals, and flowers for your wedding should reflect your unique sensibility. We are proud to serve any vision of your wedding flowers that you might have, from simple elegance all the way to elaborate opulence.  In any case the flowers will define the tone of your wedding and celebrate the bond between you. We look forward to discussing all this at a first meeting.

Since we dedicate our full attention to every wedding, we book only a limited number of events each year. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can reserve your dream day for you.


Our wedding flowers are natural in style we love the seasons and the new flowers each season brings.

What do you want your memories of your big day to feel like? It is our intention to listen carefully to the vision you want to create for a day that should be unique to you as a couple. It’s your day to set the intentions for what you want the rest of your life together to feel like.  We will transform your feelings into unforgettable designs that conveys your love and intentions to all your guests.


Step 1: Inspiration
Gather your ideas, images, and inspirations and bring or send them to my shop. 

Step 2: Interpretation
I will contribute my aesthetic and i will draft a rough budget. We offer this service at no charge. 

Step 3: Communication
Together we make sure that the end result will be true to your inspiration and desires. 

Step 4: Finalisation
With the planning complete and the deposit received, we can now  realize your floristic dream.