Wedding I Styling

Your dream day will enchant you with your dream blossoms. They underscore your love and attachment to each other with flowers. Flowery rituals are important companions and bridges in life. We accompany you from flowery simple to sumptuous opulent through your unique celebration. We are looking forward to meeting you at a first meeting.


Our wedding flowers are natural in style we love the seasons and the new flowers each season brings: Tulips and daffodils in spring, garden roses and peonies in early summer, dahlias in autumn, and Hellebores and lush foliage in winter, just to mention a few.

A consultation at Stil und Stiele will ensure we can plan a truly bespoke display of flowers for your wedding day. What do you want your memories of your big day to feel like? It is our intention to listen carefully to the vision you want to create for a day that should be unique to you as a couple. It’s your day to set the intentions for what you want the rest of your life together to feel like.  We will transform your feelings into unforgettable designs that conveys your love and intentions to all your guests.

Step 1: Inspiration

Gather your ideas, images, and inspirations or come to my shop and we can visualize together. 

Step 2: Interpretation

Allow me time to understand your intent and contribute my aesthetic and experience in executing such an event. I will draft  an initial proposal, rough budget, and schedule. 

Step 3: CommunicationStep 

I like to meet with a client in person to review the rough budget. Together we can incorporate any new ideas and make sure that if compromises must be made, the end result will still be true to your inspiration and desires. 

Step 4: Final proposal

The final proposal should reflect every aspect the plan we have forged together. With it you can rest assured that the flowers,  the tone and mood of the arrangements, as well as the logistical plan will all be in place at the specified time.