Book a private course for your Bridesmaid Party. An unforgettable creative evening for you and your best friends.

Our Spring & Summer Workshops have been published.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, consider a private course. Write us a message or call us in the studio. We look forward to many creative hours together.

An immersion in nature frees the mind.

In our studio we create a space for your creative work. We offer courses around traditional themes but sometimes we experiment, and try and create something new. During a course, you receive one-on-one instruction, and will complete a project of your own.  We offer all necessary materials.  Each project is unique.  Saturday courses focus an intensive examination of floristic design and craft.  During most courses our shop remains open – this is the best way to experience a flower studio.

Please have a look at our German website or call Evelyn at the atelier for more informations.